Migration and Re-Engineering

Many complex legacy systems are being pushed beyond the originally intended lifespan. The cost of maintaining these systems, and the risk of a catastrophic failure due to age, are increasing. This problem isn’t limited to full systems; even applications fall victim to the problems of aging code and increasingly complex and expensive maintenance requirements.

Our Approach

Innovative approaches a migration project with a keen sense of the value that the existing system has for the client. We employ methodologies, strategies, expertise, tools and the support needed to preserve that value while moving it to a fresher more maintainable and extensible platform.

The advantages of an Innovative migration solution are:

  • Greatly reduced risk of failure.
  • Faster transition to the new system.
  • Optimized efficiency by intelligent reuse of existing resources and components.
  • All required skills are assembled by Innovative and a well-prepared team carries out the project from the outset.

The client’s internal staff can focus on other priorities while Innovative cooperatively and professionally migrates the legacy system.

Why Migrate?

Legacy systems exhibit very clear signs that they have reached a point where they jeopardize the company’s operations.

The most common problems with aging systems are:

  • A reliance on obsolete and unsupported hardware.
  • A reliance on out of date operating systems and development tools.
  • They utilize custom hardware or devices that do not meet current requirements.
  • The original implementation language is limiting future growth.
  • Interoperability with other systems is severely limited.
  • A large development effort is required to make relatively minor enhancements.
  • The client’s internal staff has expertise on either the legacy technologies, or emerging technologies, but not both.

If your company is facing these challenges, Innovative can help.

Migration Strategies

Innovative develops a targeted migration solution for each project. The custom solution incorporates one or more of the strategies listed below, each with closely aligned supporting techniques:

Replacement Reverse engineering, reimplementation
Rehosting Source code porting, technology porting, encapsulation
Rearchitect New design or framework to utilize existing components
Interoperate Technology porting, emulation, encapsulation

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